In NET-MED Youth, we work with youth organizations along the eastern and western basins of the Mediterranean Sea, and more specifically in Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia. 


Countries in the Southern Mediterranean basin share common challenges related to youth: social inclusion, disinterest in civic engagement, insufficient representation in public, political, and media spheres, high unemployment, and weak participation of women in the labour market.


To address these challenges, NET-MED Youth is implementing various activities in each country:


  • Provision of capacity building to partner youth organizations on relevant topics (Human Rights Based Approach, Results-Based Management, Policy Analysis, Intercultural Dialogue, Advocacy, Strategic Communication, Gender mainstreaming); 
  • Quantitative and qualitative national studies on youth organizations focused on competences, skills, expertise, capacity gaps, aspirations and challenges, as well as on existing political and legal national frameworks related to youth;
  • Regional evaluation of youth web platforms and youth civic participation through social media in partnership with a multidisciplinary research center;
  • Technical meetings and workshop focused on introducing youth-led policy analysis and proposals, and on promoting youth involvement in policy work;
  • Small-scale simulation exercises and creative pedagogical multimedia tools designed to build awareness of processes and key principles for the development, monitoring and evaluation of national youth strategies;
  • Opportunities  to participate in events aimed at facilitating networking, exchanges of tools and practices, thematic project building and common planning to advance youth public participation in the region;
  • Capacity building workshops, networking and interactive exchanges improving young people´s representation in media;
  • Regional online course for digital journalists in partnership with Social Media Exchange;
  • Development of skills forecasting simulation models identifying the skills needed by youth to smoothen their transition into the labour market in the next decade.

In the field

Youth and Media


Activities building skills among youth organizations and young journalists; to enhance youth representation in media and promote freedom of expression, media and information literacy and youth-generated media content.

Youth and Employment


Activities joining youth organizations, employment experts and different national stakeholders to engage in dialogue and work together on unemployment solutions and skills needs. 

Youth Policies


Activities empowering youth to participate in the communal and national development, revision and implementation of national youth strategies and public policies.