I was invited to participate in the Youth and Media Forum that was held on March 15, 2017, in the course of which I had the pleasure of meeting other members of the NET-MED Youth network that had been working on the topic of young peoples’ participation in media.


The two-day program was very rich. We had the opportunity to meet different actors across diverse relevant fields of work (employment, media, participation, governance...). With great With great interest, I took part of the plenaries and various workshops, through which we held exchanges about media, young people’s representation, information literacy, governance ...


This participation reinforces our action plans in what pertains to the links between our projects on the ground and the media. Through the experiences of young people in other countries, we can see that, thanks to quality media work we can promote real change, no matter what our field of action is; and this is what we aspire to, as committed young people.


This experience has also allowed me to capitalize on what I have acquired in the framework of NET-MED Youth, a regional network through which we have the chance to participate in different meetings all over the world but above all, where we ourselves are the actors. In the context of the NET-MED Youth project we are, as civil society, immersed in a process of training for action because through our participation we develop strategies that enable us to be more competent, more open to what is happening elsewhere and thus, a step ahead in relation to what is happening at the national level; therefore being able to anticipate developments and becoming a force of innovation.


Having actively taken part in most of NET-MED Youth activities in Algeria, I have had the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, to develop a capacity for analysis, perspective and, above all, to strengthen my organization - for example, in the field of media, in regards to which we have now developed a transversal strategy covering all our actions. This, all thanks to the exchanges with different actors, with various experts and especially by working closely with UNESCO staff, who have been very accessible in terms of sharing their expertise yet also in the sense of involving and consulting us.  


For all these reasons, I think that it is key to continue to hold regional meetings with the participation of experts and professionals, in order to further reinforce our work and create spaces for exchanges through which we become aware of our strength and thus enable us to act in a more effective manner. Without this type of meetings and opportunities for networking, we will each remain in our country, trying to make progress separately. Some will succeed, yet others – without accessing new perspectives-- will continue to believe that it is impossible.



Written by Meriem Chikirou

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