6,000 people from the development community have gathered in this 11th edition of the EU Development Days, or #EDD17 for friends.


Young leaders, civil society, political leaders, private sector representatives, development practitioners from over 140 countries are meeting in Brussels on June 7-8 in Europe’s leading forum on international cooperation and development to discuss ways they can work together to address poverty and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Three themes frame the activities this year: Investing in People and Planet, Investing in Prosperity and Investing in Peace and Partnership.


The event space bustles with energy and the program is rich -  76 Global Village stands showcase creative projects, 55 lab debates, 32 project/report labs, 21 high-level panels, 16 brainstorming sessions, 16 Young Leaders (six creative youth activities) and quite a few special events.


The NET-MED Youth project did not miss the opportunity to take part in this forum and explore new synergies to further build a more sustainable Mediterranean region and a more sustainable future. Dareen Abu Lail, National Project Officer in Jordan, spoke in the June 8th morning session Tackling Youth Employment in the South Mediterranean Region about the importance of forecasting the skills needed for the job market. Dareen drew on the example of the work done by NET-MED Youth in its beneficiary countries, particularly in Jordan, to ensure that models for skills projections are built and ready to inform debate and policy planning.


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That same afternoon, Dareen – representing UNESCO – also opened the session Transforming Mindsets: 2030 Youth Agenda for Sustainable Development. You can watch the live Facebook video here.


“Young people around the world should take the 2030 Agenda, not only seriously, but personally,” says Dareen. “Youth should be fully engaged in the implementation and monitoring of the progress of SDGs. It is our responsibility as youth to find creative ways to achieve these goals, to ensure they have an impact and to report on them regularly.”


Dareen at EDD17
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