In the framework of the NETMED Youth project, UNESCO Beirut partnered with the Political Science Institute at University of Saint Joseph (USJ) to develop a game that builds knowledge about parliamentary affairs and the legislative process among youth.


The game, called in Arabic “Badda Jalse” (which means “we need a parliamentary session” or also “Let’s have a serious talk”), and officially launched in December 2017, is conceived as an interactive and educational tool that introduces students and youth to parliamentary affairs, the mechanisms of legislative policy making, and the different existing laws. The game was introduced in 32 public and private schools in Lebanon, in Civic Education classes, and is enjoying huge success and popularity among youth.


As part of this project, UNESCO Beirut collaborated with USJ and the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO to organize a two-day training on “Badda Jalsé: A training about legislative procedures for UNESCO Associated Schools”, on 11-12 May 2018. The training, which targeted a group of 50 school teachers across Lebanon (mainly civic education teachers), aimed at introduced participants to the game and providing them with the tools to implement it in their classes, thus enhancing their students’ awareness on democratic political processes in Lebanon. The training was built around the parliament game and other material produced for the teachers.

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