On International Women’s Day (8 March 2016), UNESCO Ramallah joined Radio Nisaa in Palestine for a youth-led celebration of the day. The celebration included a live, two-hour, youth-led debate in Ramallah.


Around 60 young Palestinians participated in the debate, discussing their role as youth in calling for gender equality and better opportunities for young Palestinian women, particularly in the fields of education, employment and skills development. Representatives from NET-MED Youth were engaged in the debate, as well as other students from universities and colleges in the West Bank.


IWD Radio Nisaa Debate


“The main objective of the NET-MED Youth Project, is to bring youth to the forefront of discussions and make them the advocates and guardians of their rights,” said Yara D’aiq, on behalf of UNESCO Ramallah Office, whereas, Inas Abu Shirbi, the Press Officer at the EU Representative Office in Jerusalem, said "A society where women have the same rights as men is not just more just; it is more secure, and richer. When women have no access to good education or to top jobs, we are only wasting their huge potential, which is our potential as well. Here in Palestine, the EU stands alongside Palestinian women as they work hand in hand with Palestinian men towards a better future. EU-funded projects in Palestine address gender in different contexts and contribute to the fight against gender inequality.”


The discussion also featured stories from women who are implementing unique initiatives and projects that benefit their communities including soup and embroidery industries. A notable story was Asmahan Elian’s one, who established the first female-led promotion and advertisement company in her small village in Abu Dis, South East of Jerusalem.


IWD Palestine Nisaa Radio


“It is the right of every women to make decisions in her life. It is up to her to determine what level of education she will complete, what job she will do, who her friends will be and what role she will play within her community. Every women has the power to fight social norms that prevent her from fulfilling her aspirations”, said Nashwa Qashu’, one of the students participating in the debate.


IWD Radio Nisaa Debate


In addition to the live broadcast, vox pops were also taken from young people in the street to find out more about their thoughts on fostering gender parity.


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