Written by Jihen Ayed


From 14 to 18 February, a completely new experience awaited us at the leadership and media training "Debate to Action" in Amman, Jordan. This training session brought together experts, journalists and decision-makers from both Jordanian and abroad.


Day 1. After meeting up with the other 25 candidates from 8 Mediterranean countries, we got together with two experts; a journalist with more than 30 years of experience and a Jordanian diplomat to discuss the importance of media in decision-making and leadership. The young participants were all keen to take part in the discussion and many were visibly moved by the subject. After an open discussion on the political obstacles they face, everybody proposed ways that the creation of an inclusive youth policy could be explored.


Debate To Action Jordan 2


Day 2 focused on digital communication. We found out more about new communication technologies including both professional and personal social networks. This naturally brought us on to the Arab Spring, a direct result of protests that began on social networks. We then heard about other digital success stories, including Turkey which, in order to promote tourism, invited the 5 biggest influencers on Twitter and Instagram to take a free 5-day tour in the country. This initiative enabled Turkey to increase tourism by 100% in less than a year, thus demonstrating the enormous potential of social networks.  

Debate To Action Jordan


Day 3 was, for me, the highlight. We got together in small groups of 5 people to take field trips and we had the honor of visiting Kharabeesh. Kharabeesh was a small initiative that encourages citizenship and sensitizes young people to social, cultural and political news. Today it is an important force in Jordan, educating young people on political, social and cultural issues. Kharabeesh uses innovative techniques such as cartoons and video storytelling. The project originated on a YouTube channel has gradually transformed into a high-audience production company responsible for programs such as Famouliya, FolElfol and Bass law. "When it comes to sending a message to young people, it is important that young people themselves deliver that message”, reported the project’s CEO. This was an important lesson for me; Belief in our own ideas can lead us to accomplish great things!


Debate To Action Jordan


Day 4. During the penultimate day of the event, Former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina made a statement about the importance of young people pushing to get involved with the media and becoming influential so long as they believe in their ideas. A notable part of his speech was “Top 10 mistakes to avoid making” which we will all remember!


Day 5. Amongst coffees and debates, we exchanged ideas with world media experts from all areas. This day was full of emotions. The young participants left feeling that they had built solid relationships, particularly as we had come from different countries with the same goal. The result was immediate with participants agreeing on an idea for a project to be implemented straight way. Work has already begun!


Jihen Ayed   



   Jihen Ayed is a member of NET-MED Youth working group in Tunisia

   and the Media and Communication Manager at Tun'ACT.




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