On April 7, 2016, in Gaza, Palestine, 30 representatives of youth organizations participated in a training day on the Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) to Programming. The event, organized by NET-MED Youth together with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) focused on providing participants with the skills needed to integrate human rights principles in all programs and activities.


HRBA Palestine


During the training, participants learned about human rights mechanisms as a framework for the HRBA to programming. These mechanisms include participation; accountability and rule of law; nondiscrimination and equality; vulnerable groups; empowerment and linkages to the human rights framework.


HRBA Palestine


"This training is essential for promoting human rights through youth organizations and for contributing to the empowerment of rights-holders in fostering accountability and transparency," said Mr. Saber Nairab, Human Rights Specialist at OHCHR in Gaza. "Improving the capacity of local civil society organizations and promoting a safe and enabling environment in both law and practice is crucial to maximizing their contribution to sustainable development. Interacting with civil society and local authorities is also an important part of effectively implementing a Human Rights Based Approach.”


HRBA Palestine


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Activities building skills among youth organizations and young journalists; to enhance youth representation in media and promote freedom of expression, media and information literacy and youth-generated media content.

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Activities joining youth organizations, employment experts and different national stakeholders to engage in dialogue and work together on unemployment solutions and skills needs. 

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