The weight some women carry on their shoulders may be tremendously heavy. Some go through a lot, but still struggle and remain strong to get ahead with their families. Through his lens and this photodocumentary, the young photographer Motaz Alaaraj captures the unique moments, the unique emotions of women in war-torn Gaza, Palestine, to raise awareness on the occasion of #WomensDay, supporting the #BeBoldForChange campaign.


Motaz 1
A large Palestinian family remains homeless after their house was destroyed one year ago during the war. Some of its members have sight problems. 




Motaz 2
It was raining and very cold that day. He started crying because his body couldn't take it anymore. Their nylon-made makeshift house leaked. It wasn't warm enough. It wasn't safe enough. He was scared. A kiss is all she could give him to appease his pain.



Motaz 3
Her husband could never get over the loss of his house, his friends, the good life he had with his family. He is still in shock. Every day, she scrambles pieces of food to make a new meal so they could at least have that moment of peace, together.



Motaz 4
A nylon cube. A box is all she has now to live in.



Motaz 5
Young women in the area of Khezaa get together and call out for their basic rights. Their voice is their power. 





















Motaz AlaarajMotaz Alaaraj is a 26-year-old photojournalist and filmmaker from Palestine. Motaz lives in Gaza, a place he holds dearly in his heart. "There are many things that tie me to real life here in Gaza and I want to capture and portray them through photographs or videos. I want to show the few beautiful things that remain here," he says.

Motaz is passionate about what he does. His high motivation and passion for photography and filmmaking have won him several prizes with international NGOs such as the UNRWA, Mercy Corps and the Welfare Association. He has also been featured in several magazines. a member of NET-MED Youth in Palestine.

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