If you have a dream, you can never lose it. You may think that you stopped dreaming, but that is not true.


When I was young, one of my dreams was to be part of one of UNESCO’s programs. I never told anyone about it. But this year my childhood dream has become a reality.

Last week was exciting. I was to spend one day in Belgium to speak about youth representation in media given my experience within UNESCO’s NET-MED Youth project. The event was called Creating the Future of the Mediterranean, and it brought together young people and European Commission and UNESCO officials around informal dialogue sessions.


Phantina 4

One day. What can a person do in one day?


Well, I met many young people from the region. At the event, I met Khadija, the youngest person ever hired as an employee by UNESCO. She was 21 when she started working for the organization. I met Sami, the young doctor who founded For9a.com. I met many inspiring people from different countries.

I remember everything about the event. Every detail. But one sentence stuck in my mind: “Traditional media in Palestine represent youth at 4%, while youth constitute 30% of society!”

Numbers like these are very important. That is why I have kept thinking “what should I do to raise this number?”


Discovering Brussels


We live in a very strange world, don’t we? I always visit the countries that I didn’t plan to. I had planned for Morocco, and I ended up visiting Algeria. I had planned for France, and now I have visited Belgium.

My trip to Brussels was the shortest trip of my life so far… which made it hard to choose the best travel bag for that. But anyway, I was aching to discover the city in the half day I had to myself. I didn’t know much about it.

The city is beautiful, and the highlight was the visit NET-MED Youth organized for us to the European Parliament.


Phantina 6


Phantina 5


All in all, this journey was one of a kind and I sure enjoyed sharing ideas with high-level people. It’s not everyday that we young people get a chance to voice out our opinions and make them heard to those who make decisions.





Phantina portraitPhantina Sholi is 23. She is a young Palestinian journalist who works as a show host and reporter in local radio station Ajyal. She is also project coordinator at the Taghyeer for Social Media organization, freelancer and blogger. Phantina is a social activist. She volunteers in different fields with different organizations such as the Red Crescent, Animal league, Ministry of Education, etc. When she was a student at Birzeit University, she completed 1,050 credit hours of volunteering. Phantina is an active member of NET-MED Youth's media work. She believes that NET-MED Youth gives youth very important opportunities to change their way of thinking and to be actors of change in their society.

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