His friends say he is funny and very spontaneous, unconventional and creative. Mazigh walks through life with a light heart, but the situation of young people in his country, Morocco, is a constant concern for him.


“Life is too short to be spent in negativity. But we must act to make our realities better so we can all be happy. I studied cultural and art engineering. It was for me a field where I could make things… put them together like pieces of a puzzle. I wanted to make things so my fellow Moroccans can have better and richer lives; so they can be happy. We, Moroccans, like to have fun. But our art and culture scene needs to be more diverse, more accessible and free for everyone.


I’ve volunteered under NET-MED Youth as co-founder and representative of NGO MENA Policy Hub. With other youth organizations, we learn about public policies – what they are, why they are important, how they work and how we can contribute to them… We also transmit this knowledge to other organizations and we learn from them. It’s all very collaborative and inspiring.


My specialty is cultural policies for youth. And one of my dreams is to upgrade the youth centers that are now falling into disrepair.


Morocco film
Mediterranean Superheroes: Adding our piece to the puzzle I #BuildTomorrow


A few years ago, I co-founded the Student Union for the Change of the Educational System (UECSE). It is also a member of NET-MED Youth and is an independent association where we use alternative ways in our activist actions, such as the concrete activities under the NET-MED Youth project. We have trained other NGOs, for instance, on how to apply for grants, work with international institutions and so on. I do believe that the project has helped our Union evolve.


Today, my dream is finally a reality! Our Student Union has recently established its new Headquarters* "L'Kwan". It is an open space for young people to access all types of information, express themselves using any and all forms of art, learn and engage in proactive and effective actions. It is a space for everyone - particularly youth from low-income neighborhoods.


Working with NET-MED Youth has changed my vision and attitude towards public institutions. I have learned that despite our different opinions and work methods we can still build things together to reach the same goals… I believe that both civil society and public or international entities bring value to the community when they work hand in hand.”


This year, Mazigh took part in the creation of a project within NET-MED Youth that aimed at using editorial cartoons as tools to raise awareness about youth issues in Morocco. The work culminated in a cartoon exhibition that toured different cities in Morocco.





*The Union received funding from the European Endowment for Democracy to make the youth space a reality.


Read more about Mazigh and our work on public policies.






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