Being part of NET-MED Youth and participating in exchanges enables us to see the bigger picture of things, to have a regional or even more worldwide view of the engagements and actions that we undertake locally.


Thanks to my participation in NET-MED Youth activities, I have had the chance to exchange with several young people in the network, young people who belong to the same region, live in the same context as mine and face similar challenges – the challenges of the youth. This has inspired me and has allowed me to improve my actions at the local level, to create friendships, to strengthen ties and be solidary with the youth of other countries, and even with young people from my country who are members of other organizations.


Meriem Chikirou


The use of media as a tool and the work we do with media professionals have always been transversal axes of the actions driven by my organization, for promotional issues and to engage in awareness-raising. Today and thanks to my participation in the 2016 Global MIL Week Feature Event* in São Paulo, Brazil, I am convinced that each organization that is engaged in a cause should have a media strategy that goes beyond promotion. Another key objective should be to transmit information and quality educational content, to protect and preserve future generations, prepare them to the use of media in an optimal and efficient way, and to enable youth to develop critical thinking and analysis skills. This requires a methodological approach in the treatment and dissemination of information.


I was also made aware of the media’s role in the fight against discrimination, violence and violent extremism – themes and issues we face every day in our countries. I believe that civil society in every country should take into account these questions and reflect on the best way to include them in the public debate and agenda, and to develop actions of prevention and education to peace.


Today, as I am back in my country, I continue to be involved. I work so that the media axis becomes more developed in projects, to raise awareness not only among youth but also within the organizations where I work, and to develop partnerships with local media to co-construct common projects.  



* Sixth Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) Conference and First General Assembly of the Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL), São Paulo, Brazil (November 2-5, 2016).



Story translated from French. Read the original here.

Meriem ChikirouA graduate from ESC school in Toulouse, Meriem Chikirou is a 31-year-old Program Manager at SIDRA association. After starting her career in the communications unit of a major aircraft manufacturer, she then took on several professional missions in the fields of marketing, tourism and the environment. Engaged in civil society for many years, Meriem has been a member of several national NGO networks in France. She decides to come back to her home country, Algeria, in 2015 to take action in several development projects, where she notably coordinated a networking project, youth capacity-building projects, as well as projects in entrepreneurship and awareness-raising on environmental issues.

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