Sondos Faqeeh is a young member of the NET-MED Youth media group in Palestine. Along with other young women and men, members of NET-MED Youth and representatives of youth and media organizations, Sondos participated in the Global MIL Week Feature Event for four days (2-5 November 2016) in São Paulo, Brazil. This is her account to UNESCO about her experience.



It is worth it to travel to a different part of the world. It was an enriching experience for me to be in São Paulo, Brazil, for the first time and to take part in the main conference celebrating Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2016. That was a unique opportunity for me to strengthen my knowledge in MIL.


I met other NET-MED Youth members from Algeria, Lebanon and Tunisia, as well as peers from other regions. We exchanged ideas on human rights, youth civic engagement, radicalization, today's youth problems, youth’s image in the media in Arab countries, the impact of social media and many other topics. This intercultural dialogue opened my eyes to how vital it is for citizens around the world to acquire the necessary skills to find information that is both accurate and relevant, and to be equipped with the media literacy tools to actively participate in the creation of media content to disseminate their views and concerns.


I am an employee of an organization that works in the field of youth and media and focuses on the empowerment of young women journalists.... My organization and I will relay our newly acquired knowledge. We will make the MIL content I accessed through this experience available to our network and we will raise awareness among youth about the practical skills they need so they can better understand and play a more active role in the national media landscape.



The NET-MED Youth media group in Gaza also 'participated' in the event, via a video they made especially for the occasion to share with youth from all around the world their views on the value of Media and Information Literacy. Scroll down to our gallery to watch the video and see photos of Sondos at the event!


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