Fishing is my father's job. I began to join him for the fishing trips when I was six years old. He is the one who taught me everything I know and who continues to encourage my passion for the sea and fishing.


I was thirteen when my father began to suffer from myelitis, an eye problem which forced him to stop fishing. As fishing is our only source of income, I felt it was my duty to become a fisherwoman.


This was hard. No young woman had ever done this before me it is and an important responsibility. Fishing can be very difficult and the environment can be dangerous, particularly at night and during winter. I will always remember the day waves tipped the boat over and how hard it was for me to restore it.


Fisherwoman Madline Kullab


I feel that as a woman, working in the fishing industry isn’t an accepted profession both within my community and the fishing community. But I don't care what people say. This is my job, my livelihood. I have my father's support. I believe in my ability. 


Now, I am a twenty- two year old, professional fisherwoman and every day my youngest brother and I take the motor boat out to lay the fishing nets for the night ahead. We collect them the following morning at around 7 am. And just like my father did with me, I now teach my brother how to fish and how to control the motor boat..


Fisherwoman Madline Kullab


I think that it is crucial that young women are involved in this type of industry. It is a matter of social and economic cohesion. It also promotes equal opportunities and rights for women and men in their communities. Women can do just as much as men. It is just perspectives that need to change.


Each young woman has a certain talent, ability or opportunity to nuture. If someone asks me what to do to follow in my footsteps, I can only advise them to go ahead. Prove your success to yourself first. Then show your community the  irreplaceable and important role that you play.


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