In close partnership with The Regional UN Development Group Interagency Technical Task Team on Young People, a 2 day workshop will take place in Beirut 21-22 June on “Revisiting Youth Policies and Role within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.


Youth policies and youth strategies are often considered as privileged entry points for youth organizations to make their voices heard in decision-making processes directly affecting them. While several Arab countries have actively committed to and engaged in the formulation/revision/implementation of their national youth policies and strategies, they are still struggling for their effective execution on the ground. Indeed, various structural, social, and cultural barriers are facing the concrete operationalization of these policies[1] as reflected in recent studies.


The key expected outcomes of the workshop are as follows:

  1. Opportunities explored to enhance youth participation in the design and concrete implementation of national Youth Policies as well as in SDGs and YPS Agenda implementation on the regional/national/local levels
  2. Evidence-informed recommendations for National Youth Policies operationalization, and creative youth-led actions at country level
  3. Reinforced networking and South-South partnerships among youth policy stakeholders including youth organizations, civil society organizations, aiming at proactive knowledge sharing and possible joint projects

[1] “Rapport sur la participation des jeunes dans la région MENA” (UNESCO, 2018)

على الميدان

الشباب و الإعلام


أنشطة لبناء المهارات وسط المنظمات الشبابية وضمن الصحفيين الشباب؛ تقوية تمثيلية الشباب في وسائل الإعلام وتعزيز حرية التعبير وثقافة الإعلام والمعلومات ومحتوى الإعلام الذي ينجزه الشباب.

الشباب و التشغيل


أنشطة تجْمَع المنظمات الشبابيةَ وخبراء التشغيل ومختلف الفاعلين الوطنيين للانخراط في الحوار والعمل معاً للبحث عن حلول للتشغيل والاحتياجات على مستوى القدرات.

السياسات المتعلقة بالشباب


أنشطة تمكّن الشباب من المشاركة في التنمية الجماعية والوطنية ومراجعة ووضع الاستراتيجيات والسياسات العمومية الوطنية المتعلقة بالشباب.