• Mediterranean Superheroes: One is many

    "Media can have an impact and a civic role." Meriem wants Algerian youth initiatives to be amplified. #BuildTomorrow

  • Mediterranean Superheroes: We can wage peace

    “It’s in our hands to stop the fighting.” Ahmad talks about his war-torn Libya. He volunteers for a more peaceful society to #BuildTomorrow.

  • Mediterranean Superheroes: Change your mind

    “Real change starts in our minds.” Noor took her destiny into her own hands and transformed her frustration at reality in Gaza, Palestine, to an effective tool to #BuildTomorrow.

  • Mediterranean Superheroes: We influence and rebuild

    Abdel Aziz didn't believe in civic engagement in Tunisia. But his life has taken a radical turn.

  • Mediterranean Superheroes: Hear us out!

    Laetitia is 23. She's a radio host in Lebanon. Her daily fight? To tell everyone about youth challenges and their initiatives to #BuildTomorrow.

  • Mediterranean Superheroes: Our pieces make the puzzle

    “Our youth policies should be made by young Moroccans, for young Moroccans.” Mazigh volunteers to turn his reality around, every day.

  • Mediterranean Superheroes: We are Stronger Together

    Waleed wishes that every young person in Jordan becomes more engaged in public life. #BuildTomorrow.


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In focus

Get an inside perspective on our stories and into Mediterranean youth thoughts.


16 Dec

Collective Museum Exhibition


Exhibition supported by NET-MED Youth

Collective Museum: For a civic and participatory museum of the collective memory of Casablanca neighborhoods.


25 Nov

Radio campaign: 16 days of activism


Campaign: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
22 Nov

Forum: Youth, Media and Active Citizenship

Rabat, Morocco

Forum part of the 2017 Global MIL Week.

In the field

Youth and Media


Activities building skills among youth organizations and young journalists; to enhance youth representation in media and promote freedom of expression, media and information literacy and youth-generated media content.

Youth and Employment


Activities joining youth organizations, employment experts and different national stakeholders to engage in dialogue and work together on unemployment solutions and skills needs. 

Youth Policies


Activities empowering youth to participate in the communal and national development, revision and implementation of national youth strategies and public policies.